Articles unchained fashion women fashion

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articles unchained fashion women fashion

A sling. A camera. A computer. A voice. The giants have cast long shadows, over 27 million modern day slaves live in fear, wake up in fear, see fear advancing right into their futures.

UNCHAINED Using Fashion to End Human Trafficking through Education & Awareness

Two million women and girls are trafficked into the sex trade yearly and how can I sit by silent while my sisters are imprisoned by the money and power drunk? The life expectancy for one of the fragile trafficked? No person lovingly crafted by our Creator are disposable. I am awake and when I sleep, I hear their cries. My eyes no longer close in a comfortable sleepy haze. The truth is that we have already been endowed with God-given weapons. The ultimate giant killer is already in our midst: the God of Angel armies, He just needs someone to trust that the battle is His and start picking up stones.

My sister more of her story hereStephanie Catani, and our friend, Felicia Kalan have picked up the stones that were already in their hands: Advocacy and Fashion. Together, they have formed Unchained Fashion Show, part anti-human trafficking advocacy, part performance art, part glamorous fashion show.

One after another the dresses tell the story from Innocence to Violation to Rescue and Redemption, describing in generalities the life of a woman that has been trafficked. We, the viewers, journey with the enslaved women through the script, the models walk in their shoes interceding, and together in one show we witness the power of resurrection.

The 23 dress show was inspired by Stephanie but designed by Korto Momolu of Project Runway Season 5 originally to give hope to Liberian women who had been left destitute by 13 years of a bloody Civil War. No one had been left untouched. Many were raped and then trafficked by men taking advantage of the widows and orphans left in the wake of violence. The show told the story, one dress at a time, opening a door to healing.

Together, Korto and Stephanie put on the show in Liberia. Now, Korto has graciously given the collection to continue to be a source of healing for women. I had the privilege of lending my voice, narrating, telling their story, helping to write the script with Andy Kalan. As my words tangled with their story, love followed. I find that is often the case. Sometimes when we take steps of obedience, God swells our hearts for those we are called to fight for.

Yesterday I sat in church and glanced around me at the beautiful, free women, the baby girls slung care-free over shoulders and heard His mission once again:. From Isaiah The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. You friend, is there a town or church or campus imagine a whole church or campus of the awake! Name required. Email will not be published required.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email.What was supposed to be a one-time charity fashion show has blossomed into a recurring event that educates viewers on human trafficking.

Felicia would reach out to fellow Co-Founder Stephanie Catani because of her work putting on fashion shows in Liberia to encourage women to rebuild their lives after civil war. The fashion show builds awareness. Each call builds a case and helps law enforcement look for patterns. While the fashion show also serves as an educational tool, the mission of education is fulfilled through a developing curriculum that trains communities on the signs of human trafficking and how to take action.

A scholarship fund for survivors brings restoration. Schools, corporations or other organizations can bring the show to them for a fee. Catani says that while they have done shows nationally, they really want to saturate the Columbus area with information.

You can watch or rewatch via YouTube! Home About Advertising Contact. Social Entrepreneurship. Share on Facebook.

articles unchained fashion women fashion

SocialVentures Launches Trail for Good. How-To Guides. Starting a Company? January 6, How to Shape Your Brand May 18, Advertising Contact.Is it possible to be a feminist and like fashion? But a letter in the Guardian October 17 made me think that there must still be considerable grassroots hostility to fashion… Suppose it really were sexist after all? Like any other field of design, fashion can be progressive or conservative; it is not intrinsically either.

It is, however, an area that deserves more respect than it often gets. The fact that it is associated with women is to the detriment of men, as all right-thinking men from Oscar Wilde on have asserted. It need not be denigrated by women simply for that. The modern hostility to fashion has its roots in the radical politics of the s, influenced by the social theories of writers like Marcuse who argued that consumer capitalism is a form of control that manipulates people into conformity.

The time has come to see fashion as something more. It is a form of consumerism, but it is also about other important and pleasurable questions — the body, fantasy, desire and identity. In a study of women designers as diverse as Elsa Schiaparelli and Vivienne Westwood, we argued that the consumption and production of fashion may articulate complex relations between the individual and culture.

It is not enough simply to say that fashion oppresses women.

UNCHAINED Fashion Show Raises Awareness of Human Trafficking

At early demonstrations in America, bra burning may have been a myth but high heels, handbags and hairsprays were symbolically discarded into specially provided trashcans. But this equation was itself problematic, presupposing as it did that there is such a thing as a natural self.

If instead one argues that identity is a precarious social construct, then one can stop regarding fashion as an ideological snare set to trap all things natural and instead start seeing the uses of artifice as an important site of meaning in our culture.

In reality, fashion has given women the opportunity to do this for decades. In the s Chanel adapted to women the forms and details, but above all the meanings, of a certain type of masculine dress.

Unchained Fashion Show: Fighting Modern-day Slavery With What’s in Our Hands

In the s Elsa Schiaparelli designed surreal and witty clothes that were the most serious of jokes, a discourse of perversity and play in which a telephone becomes a handbag and a brain, a hat. In the s punk women rebelled against the notion of a natural self, customising their own bodies as a form of semiotic battle dress.

It is not new to use dress as a form of transgression. Even in the s, the decade of Thatcher and power dressing, important changes have taken place. Fashion has used history and politics as an image bank to be raided. Fashion can be conformist, and it certainly has its victims, but it can also be an experiment with appearances that challenges cultural meanings. It seems more important to look at those meanings than endlessly to debate whether or not fashion oppresses women.

The feminist rejection of fashion in the s and s was itself an experiment, and it is now possible to imagine ways of directing that experiment back into fashion. Indeed, it is already being done, and this phenomenon demands analysis, too. From the Guardian archive Fashion. Fashion is a feminist issue — archive, Bra burning by feminists became a symbol of liberation from oppression.

Caroline Evans. Wed 13 Nov Do your clothes pass the feminist test? Read more.Thanks to the ongoing mess that ismy current uniform is a giant onesie. Truly, my family is lucky if I bother to put on a bra when I wake up.

Once upon a time read: back in Februarypeople actually got dressed in the morning. And as we prepare for a future where clothes might be part of our daily routine again, let's take a look back on some fashion trends that we hope to god never, ever, E-V-E-R come back in style.

Before we get to some truly haunting looks most of which are from the early aughts, shudderit goes without saying that individual expression is great and we should all wear whatever TF we want all the damn time.

12 Things Men Wear That Women Love

And I say this as someone who's currently wearing her mom's maternity dress from because frankly, it's what fits. That said there are certain sartorial moments in our nation's great history that are simply notand I can't stress this enough, it. Let's hold internet hands and promise never to recreate these 50 trends, from low-rise jeans to arm warmers.

If your mom rudely refused to let you pierce your belly button at your local Claire's, this was the next best thing. And by "best thing," I obviously mean worst thing.

IDK what celebrity's aunt started this reign of crocheted terror, but walking around dressed in what's very clearly an oversized teapot cozy was a legit thing that happened in the '90s.

Let us never go back there. If you have a better way to describe this style of halter top, please feel free to me. Otherwise I'm going to stick with "boob scarf holders" and pray they were a one-time thing.

Fine, these are borderline flared. Either way, their ill fit is ruining my life and that's the tea. Sorry, mom. To be fair these do come in handy when literally only your wrists are cold and you need something to pair with your I guess it was just super cool to wander around looking like half of a butler during the aughts? If chaps come back, that's when we'll know for sure it's the apocalypse.

articles unchained fashion women fashion

I have no idea how this trend was allowed to happen, but I can only assume we were all put under a spell by whoever invented the pinstripe. While we're at it, let's take a moment to promise each other that we'll never let embellished denim become a thing again. Not even Queen Bey can pull this off, and she can pull off almost anything. The rise of Ed Hardy was truly one of the darkest and most disturbing times in our nation's history. We can never forget.

Would love to travel back in time and ask J. Lo what, pray tell, her belt was even holding up.

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Velvet chokers have cycled in and out of style over the years, and honestly, I'm fine them. An unfortunate name for an unfortunate look. These skirts came in an array of colors, always had a drawstring, and were most often paired with a crop top. It was the best of timesit was the worst of times. These came in a variety of styles and were worn by virtually every single celebrity in the early s.

A choice!!! Man, I was so pleased with myself when I got my first pair of denim pedal pushers.

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Can only assume I was hallucinating at the time. For obvious reasons related to animals being cute and innocent, let's hope wearing real fur remains out of style forever.Anything that can create awareness is a welcome endeavor, and I am usually amazed at how many different ways it can be done. Such was the situation last year when my alma mater sponsored Unchaineda fashion show centered on human trafficking.

The Unchained OSU Fashion Show tells the story of a survivor of human trafficking through three stages: innocence, violation, and restoration. The story is told using garments, music, video, facts, and poetic narration. We partner with students and community members to put on the show using students as models and volunteers.

The goal of the fashion show is to increase awareness of human trafficking both locally and globally and to empower models, volunteers and attendees with the necessary education, training, and tools to identify and report the crime, and to join the abolitionist movement. We hope attendees will learn what human trafficking is awarenesswhat red flags and factors that lead to trafficking are accountabilityand what can be done to stop trafficking and help victims action.

The event will include speakers, musical performance, the fashion show, refreshments, and a raffle. Admittance to the event is free. All donations and raffle ticket sales will go towards this scholarship fund, so anything you are able to give is appreciated. Tickets are free through Eventbright, but they will have ways you can contribute if you are able. Refreshments will be available. Check the website at Eventbrite for more information. Thanks, Ohio State University for providing a great education to your students, and for providing this opportunity to educate the public about the atrocity known as Human Trafficking.

Can you believe human zoos existed in this country. Learn the dangerous language of human traffickers before your child does. Learning the facts about sexual violence — these stats are incredible.

Want to get involved with ending human trafficking? Saint Bakhita — patron saint of trafficking victims. Look beneath the surface — would you recognize someone being trafficked?

Make a friend — save someone from becoming a trafficking victim. Also published on Medium. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. No spam - guaranteed. No monetary requests.

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